On Thursday evening we had a meeting with Chloe at the Ink Bar, where we were given our printed media examples for our portfolio. We also had our photos taken with our signage, due to ones taken on launch night being too dark. They were pretty cheesy and I look forward to seeing them! As a thank you for all our hard work we have been given a £20 gift voucher each for the Print Rooms, which I look forward to using. The meeting took place at 5.30pm and it was really good to see the place busy with people who had just finished work, as it proves the the relaunch has been a success.

So today whilst browsing the Print Rooms website to see what I can spend my voucher on, I noticed the new Ink Bar logo has been placed on the site (bottom right) -

and upon clicking it, you are taken to the newly launched Ink Bar website (http://www.ink-bournemouth.co.uk/), with the logo in its full glory -

Go check it out, and if you haven't so already go have a look at our work in it's full glory at the Ink Bar on Richmond Hill.

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