Had the first website critique today. For the crit we had to have some mock ups ready of an identity and how it would look incorporated into a site. As I was running out of time before the crit I decided to 'borrow' a site design from my research (aeiko.net) and add my own spin to it -

Variations of colours for each section.

Possible gallery page layout.

How when gallery image is clicked, would open in lightbox with a description.

Feedback from the critique is as follows -
- Serif font doesn't fit in with design
- Is the monkey too detailed?
- Experiment with websites and technologies
- Look into java for images
- Will CMYK be popular forever?
- Take on an outside approach - monkey wouldn't appeal to all companies, therefore cutting down my target audience.

The feedback has been really useful, and it seems there is a lot for me to think about!

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