Before I can crack on with the layout designs of the site I need to brand myself. A lot of the sites that I have researched, the designer uses a creative identity. I like the idea of this and since I was young I have had the nickname of 'Buddah' (yup spelt incorrectly!)

This however I feel isn't snappy enough so I've quite simply taken away some letters, and gone with the creative identity of 'Buda'.

I then had to think of things that represent me. I see myself as both a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator. Colour wise it's going to be CMYK as I've built up quite an obsession with these! Font wise it's going to have to be a clean simple san serif font such as Helvetica or Myriad Pro, but maybe I could incorporate this with a serif font?

I also need to think of a logo to represent myself. Ideas that have come into my head include symbols and shapes, printers marks, and monkeys.

I've decided for now to go down the monkey route as it's fun and original. This is what I've come up with so far...

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