After some background research into what the web is and what it's future looks like I've decided to crack on with researching other designers portfolio sites.

A few that I've stumbled upon that I particularly like at this stage are -

- http://superlover.com.au
- http://aeiko.net
- http://dieneuemodern.com
- http://inside.nile.ru
- http://vault49.com

The main pages that I have been looking at are the home (index_ page, the gallery, and the about me/info page. As I feel these are the main pages that need to be designed, as they will either be containing a lot of images and/or text.

It has been interesting seeing the vastly different galleries ranging from tiled to sliding to lightbox. One thing I have noticed is that I have only been looking at really dark sites so far, so need to go in the search of some lighter ones!

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