Whilst researching into the travel side of things, and how there would be a lot of parcels going back and forth, I stumbled across an illustrated FedEx parcel. The style I feel is very unique and looks great. The black pen on brown paper works very well, as it stands out and is eye catching. The use of different hand rendered type works really well also and is something that I can see myself looking into further for this project.

The black pen on brown paper reminded me of Don’t Panic packs which are available in London. The pack themselves contain club flyers, but I feel that the illustrations on all of them are excellent. They run a monthly competition on their website where the general public submit their designs, and the winner has theirs chosen.

Looking back at the FedEx parcel, it shows that the packaging itself doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It doesn’t need to be a crazy shape or have a special opening mechanism for it to stand out from the crowd. The design on the packaging I feel is what makes it stand out from others, and I feel I’m going to go down the direction of having simple packaging with an artistic design.

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