I was given reference to a Creative Review that was a couple of years old that had a feature on a Ballpoint exhibition. After much delving through the back issues of Creative Review in the library I eventually found it.
After flicking through the magazine, I was drawn to one artist in particular, who coincedentally also designed the front cover of the issue to advertise the exhibition. Billie Jeans’ work I beleive is a breath of fresh air. Biro whether drawn on paper or a desk, works as a great medium. Even though I still feel that I am going to go down the route of using a pen rather than a biro, it has given me the idea of using thinner pens as well as thick.
One piece that I particularly like of Billie Jeans’ is the 30 years of Nike basketball shoes, that has a picture of a Nike Vandal trainer. I own this trainer and so can connect with the piece more. I also feel this sort of illustrative style in this piece could be put to good use maybe for a similar piece for an Animal watch campaign.

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