Just found out that our groups pitch for the Inkbar has been chosen. Even better news is that it was my logo that they chose out of all the designs our group put forward. It's a great personal achievement, and I feel an even better group achievement as they originally wanted to get away from the Ink brand.

After all the stress with first convincing them that the brand name 'The Office' was a bad one, and then all the name changes from Ink Bar, to Bar Ink, to Bar Ink Dot, to Ink Dot and then finally back to Ink Bar; it was a great feeling to have our idea chosen. There was a bit of luck as they had previously been a bit cautious with the name Ink because of trademark issues with a bar in Manchester by the same name. But very recently that bar has been rebranded to the O Bar, meaning that we got the go ahead with Ink Bar. My chosen logo below -

Now that we have the name and a solid brand and logo, we are to produce all the promotional material to go along with the bar. We are needed to design invitations, christmas flyers, window graphics, key fobs and a website. They did offer to take over and push forward with our brand from here on in, but as a group we felt that we didn't want someone else to takeover after all the hard work that we have put in. It's going to be tough especially with all of our course work as well but it's all going to be worth while in the end.

Their launch date is still scheduled in for 20th November which means that we are going to have strict and tight deadlines to meet, but in the end this is going to look great in our portfolios. We have also all been invited and put on the guest list for the launch night, which should be a good experience (fingers crossed for a free bar!). As well as this, there has been talk of Chloe and Matt trying to get press coverage on the whole relaunch and rebrand, which is going to be an amazing opportunity to get our names out there.

This is the first serious live brief that I have taken part in and even with all the stresses and deadlines, I've had fun and it has been very successful. It's also confirmed in my mind I've made the right career choice of being a graphic designer.

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Dan Hodson said...

scriptina, like 2 others bars in bournemouth, room six and 1986.

man them guys aint got a clue!

nice work on getting chosen though :)