Last night we attended the Ink Bar launch party. It was surreal seeing all our work everywhere. Seeing my logo on the window graphics, the menus, the invitations, the flyers and even the key fobs! Its been a tough few weeks but it all feels so rewarding now, seeing our work printed and in the flesh.

We arrived at around 6pm and drank champagne till around 11.30pm. Was a great night and definitely something that I could get used to. We got to meet a fair few important people such as Andy Price (owner of the Ink Bar, Print Rooms, West Beach and Aruba), who congratulated us. We were also interviewed by Liz Lean the PR, and had our photos taken by DV8, the local newspaper and other publications. Is good knowing our hard work has been recognised. There will be a further meeting for us to collect examples of our printed media, and there has also been talk of a meal at the Print Rooms as a thank you!

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