Well tomorrow morning (well now today), the final decision is going to be made on the brand and designs that they are choosing for the Ink Rooms rebrand. It has been stressful, and seemed like we are going in circles sometimes with all the name changes. Currently it looks like they are set on calling it Ink Dot. Spoke to Chloe earlier and she said that the designs that we sent her last night, were all great and not to spend any more time on it. Chloe did mention however that we should put our logos into context as the 'main boss' who has the final say isn't a very creative man and he needs as many visuals as possible. So tonight I've been battling away again and put my Ink dot (I took away the bar) into context - 

I also decided on the off chance that they may choose it, even with all the trademark issues, to put forward my favourite logo of the Ink Bar -

Megan also put forward two of her designs in context (only displaying the first slide of each pdf) -

and Luke put forward his strongest idea -

Well its now in Chloes' hands to push our ideas forward, along with James Ramsays' Ninety-Five Bar pitch. Fingers crossed that my groups idea is chosen, as it would be great to see all our hard work pay off. Will post an update as soon as I know.

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