Today we got to meet the graphic designer for West Beach, Aruba, Print Rooms as well as Ink Bar. We sat down with him along with Chloe Parmiter to discuss ideas, and how we can all work together to make sure we meet produce the best work we can, that all links together, as well as hitting the ever nearing deadline. We all had a brain storming session to produce ideas for promotion names, and how we can have running themes for the printed media through to the screen based website. The main aim of the day for Megan, Vicky and myself was to produce final invitations ready for print by 5.30pm. Earlier in the week we found out that Vickys' initial invitation designs were preferred so we all pushed these designs on further. Below are the designs that I put forward (click to see bigger) -

After seeing what the designer had done so far with the Ink Bar menus I tried to take elements of this and implement it into the invitations. I used a similar graphic of ink in water, and used an ink wash on the back to bring an element of ink onto both sides of the invitation. I experimented with two colours, so that it would appeal to both sexes, as I felt that the pink ink may lean towards the females. I had positive feedback from Chloe and look forward to hearing whose designs have been chosen.

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