Todays PAL session was rather disappointing. Firstly I ran late and ended up arriving 15 minutes into the session which is not a good start. It's even worst when the session is about time management! I need to take in some of the advice we gave the first years to make sure I'm there with plenty of time to spare next week.

The session itself I found to not be very successful. It seems that some of the first years aren't that interested in what we have to offer. Maybe that's due to us not having the same power and authority as the teachers, or maybe they don't need our help this early into the year, because they're still finding their feet. I think they do need to realise that us PAL leaders aren't timetabled to be in, and we are coming in on our own accord to help them.

Today as mentioned, we covered time management. We got them into groups and made them discuss what was important and urgent that they need doing. After this we split them into pairs and got them to fill in a timetable to manage their workload. It was good to see that everyone in the end took something from the session.

After PAL all the PAL leaders got together Kit and discussed a plan for next week. After quite a lengthy discussion it appears that we have settled on a mini critique session, as some of the first years in our group wanted help with presentation skills.

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