So far the building of the website is going pretty smoothly. I have encountered some problems though which have since been overcome.

The first being the site measurements. Once I had it built form the original site measurements I felt it to be unbalanced so I made a few alterations, making the main content area bigger, meaning I could have larger images of the work -



Another problem I encountered was to get my swap image to work. I wanted each piece of work to just be on one page so there wasn't lots of loading. Swap image usually works when an image thumbnail is clicked it will change the main image in the content area. However I wasn't using a thumbnail image I was using text all on one line. However when trying to use this as swap image it was selecting the whole line of text rather than each individual word. To overcome this I had to add a span class around each word to separate them and allow them to be used for swap image.

The final main problem I had to overcome was to make this swap image text to fit in with other links. As they weren't linking to another page, they technically weren't links and therefore couldn't have css applied to them. To get round this I tricked Dreamweaver by putting in a "#" as a link for each bit of text. This didn't load another page, but made Dreamweaver think it was a link.

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