After pretty much deciding to base my Professional project on Stanley Kubrick film posters, I thought there would be no better research than to go to the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the LCC. [link]

I was going to go today, but unfortunately when I phone to let them know that I would be coming it turned out that they were full! I however phoned back today and have managed to get a slot for next week Tuesday for myself and Chris. We are allowed to stay in there between 1-5pm, and I'm really looking forward to it.

From the website -
"The Archive of acclaimed film maker Stanley Kubrick arrived at the University in March 2007. Housed in the Archives and Special Collections Centre it has been open to the public since October 2007 and has received hundreds of visitors. The collection provides a unique insight into the filmmaking processes of Kubrick. Researchers can find out about a range of subjects including filmmaking techniques, photography, screenwriting and film marketing."

Sounds perfect for research, especially the film marketing section, but seeing the rest will also give me more of an insight into the films. I also want to visit the Vin Mag shop in Soho [link] as well, as I have heard it contains a lot of film and entertainment memorabilia, as well as magazine back issues. Fingers crossed it will be a good day.

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