I came across this book in the British Film Institute shop, whilst on the London trip. I had a quick flick through of it there and it seemed like perfect research for my Professional project.

After lots of shopping around on the internet I finally bought it for £25.99 off amazon. It arrived this morning and after another quick flick through it looks amazing and is going to give me lots of inspiration and knowledge into the design of film posters.

It has over 1500 international posters from 1945-2005 spread over 500 pages. The images of each poster is big meaning that I can see all of the details of the poster. One thing that makes this book stand out is that it is divided by design of countries. Looking at the different designs from Japan to Poland to United States to United Kingdom and even countries such as India is really fascinating. Another feature is that for some films it has a comparison of all the different designs from around the globe.
I can see myself finding this book really useful for research and inspiration, and I know that I will continue going back to it long after the Professional Project is finished.

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