Well day one of Year 2 has been and passed. I now go to a 'university', but everything seemed the same. Well everything except for me. Unlike last year I went in with a different attitude. I went in full of motivation and excitement, without a hangover. I know the university life now, I'm used to it. I'm used to my freedom, but I now need to give my mind the freedom to create.

It was a usual first day back. Catching up with mates, a welcome back from the tutors, enrollment and our first brief - PPRD 2. This was the unit I failed last year. Something that cannot be repeated again this year. The aim for this brief is to make us employable and/or ready for the third year. Something that did stick out from the Neil's talk though was the need for us to create an identity. Its all well and good for us to pass with flying colours, but if we're not unique we aren't going to be able to get the jobs we dream of as there will be someone else out there.

We also need to build up a reputation for ourselves. Get our names and work out there. Build up a network of contacts. The way to do this is through live competition briefs such as D&AD and ISTD. Neil stressed this point, and it stuck in my head. I shied away from such briefs last year, just focusing on the work set in class.

We've already been emailed a number of briefs, ranging from t-shirt and hoody design to logo design. One brief that has caught my eye however is a competition run by Don't Panic to create your own New Era cap [link]. As a fan of New Era caps this is an exciting competition for myself, and something I look forward to starting.

During our PPRD unit we are required to -
- complete a progress file which you are viewing :)
- enter competition and live briefs
- prepare out portfolios and CVs
- and prepare for our end of year show.

Lastly on our first day the PAL leader nominees all gathered together to discuss this years PAL sessions with Kit and to write why we would make a good PAL leader. Becoming a PAL leader is something that excites me as I feel the responsibility would be very beneficial for myself, and I feel that my experiences from last year would be good for the first years. We are to find out if we were successful in applying to be a PAL leader shortly. I will keep you posted, fingers crossed!

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