Our task it produce a complete rebrand of The Ink Rooms on Richmond Hill, adjoining onto the prestigious Print Rooms. Neil had mentioned this brief the other day, and it was something that really interested me. Today we had our first group meeting for this brief. At first it didn't seem that interesting, as they had decided on a new name of 'The Office', or 'Small Print'. These names I thought were pretty poor, I like the idea of 'The Ink Bar'.

As the meeting progressed, the group were throwing around some excellent ideas, not just for the the two name they had suggested but also some new names that we had come up with. This excited me and I looked forward to taking part in this brief even more. The only problem with this brief however is the timescale. We've only got 2 weeks to come up with a complete rebrand - logo, name, menus etc.

We've got a further meeting with Chloe who is the marketing manager for the bar, so we have been split into smaller groups to progress with the ideas that we currently have. I've been put into two groups to work on the ideas of The Ink Bar, and Just Off The Square.

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