This morning we had our group tutorial for our new project. I found it to be very helpful, and it was a breath of fresh air to have my whole group talking and debating as I found at times last year this wasn't the case. I was the first to discuss my idea with the group and I had a mixed reaction. The general consensus was that I had thought to much about my final graphic/illustration and I needed to take a step back and to research a lot more and to think about the title Look Again / Think Again. But they all felt that my idea was very interesting and that I should build on it, as it would make an interesting campaign.

I needed to step away from the anti-smoking side of things as this has been done to death. Neil and the group felt my idea was strong but I needed a different stance. That stance maybe being a government campaign for a fringe party. The feeling was that the language and tone of voice was going to be the most important aspect of my poster. Neil went onto explain how he believed that shock tactics no longer worked. Yes in the 80s they worked, but now everyone seen it before. The same was with statistics. A quick Q&A with smokers in the group proved this, they didn't care how many people died etc. as it was their choice to smoke.

So I needed a new stance for my poster, and that was for it to be a public information campaign. It was to present my 'campaign', in such a way that explained pretty much everything on an A3 poster. It needs to have a catch to draw people in, such as a witty strap line or a striking image.

I was told to look into artists such as Damien Hirst and his 'Pharmacy', as well as into Government advertising. Neil also felt that it would be beneficial for myself to look at 1920s advertising in New York as well as more recent communication adverts. Books recommended ranged from Graphic Agitation to Smile in Mind to Shock in Advertising.

I feel excited to start this brief properly, and can't wait to jump into the research and generate ideas.

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