Just been set our new brief for this unit. Our task is to produce a series of six innovative greetings cards; all of which must be part of a set and must be clearly indicative of one particular target audience.

During the Placement unit last year, one of the live briefs was to produce a couple of Christmas greeting cards for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. I found that I struggled quite a bit with it. But I'm determined to continue my good start to the year and produce a successful set.

We've got a new lecturer called Claire, who works in the greeting cards industry. She has cards present in shops such as Clintons, WH Smith and Asda. It was interesting listening to how this part of design works, and was also really helpful to see how she went from mood boards to her final design. She has given us a list of websites to have a look through to generate ideas, so I better get researching!

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