Another update on The Ink Rooms rebrand. Back on Monday we had a quick meeting with Matt Desmier regarding the whole situation. We had become confused with what we were actually meant to do, after having several emails sent to us saying different things to what we had been hearing. In the end we were told to continue with our ideas, and to try and persuade Chloe Partimer away from 'The Office' idea as we all felt that it wasn't strong in the slightest.

So within our group of Megan Corkhill, Luke Bonner, George Russell, Vicky Martin and myself we pursued with our idea of The Ink Bar, leaving the other group to pursue with The Office. Yesterday we battled on with our ideas, of logos, and ideas for artwork etc. By the end of the day we had our presentation ready (the main slides are below) -

I went into the meeting with an open mind not really not knowing what reaction to expect from Chloe. But after showing and speaking about our ideas the response was very positive. Chloe really liked our presentation. She could see the potential with our ideas and could see them working very well for their bar. We then all sat down around the table and discussed why we didn't think 'The Office' would work. She took all our opinions on board, and agreed with them all.

The next step is for Chloe to take our presentations to her boss, to try and persuade him away from the idea of The Office and towards our idea. We have exchanged contact details, and will find out more tomorrow after Chloe has presented the ideas in a meeting. There is also the possibility of further work which excites me.

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