After deciding which route I was taking with the poster the designing on Illustrator came naturally. I first designed the symbols using basic illustrator shapes, and added the warning label.

It didn't look right, so I made the pharmacy symbols slightly smaller and added an extra one.

This I felt gave it more of a swirling smoke shape as there was more movement due to more symbols. Next was to add the Green Party slogan that I had come up with to go with the campaign - 'Britain's better without it, Britain's better with the Green Party'. Then I added the logo and tinkered around with the colour green, so it was easier on the eye, and also to fit in with the colour of The Green Party.

After lots of tinkering around to make sure everything was aligned, everything was the right size, and the addition of the I came up with the final design -

But I decided to take away the green frame to see what it looked like -

I'm now unsure which one I like best. We've arranged a small critique between us students in the next hour, so I guess I'll find out which one is the most popular then.

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