Well its finally over and done with, our first PAL session. After all the training, it felt totally different to be stood their with a group of first years all looking up to you, waiting on what you have got in store for them. It was a slow start as we all found our feet, but after a couple of minutes we all got into our stride and the session went great.

We lightened the mood, and showed the first years that we're all human too by doing an icebreaker. It involved us having a celebrity written on a post-it note place on our heads, and with us having to answer questions to guess who it was. I failed miserably! Who thought Father Christmas was so hard to think of! Lewis and Dan both failed pretty poorly too, with Neil Armstrong and Dave Benson Phillips. But Lianne surprised us all by guessing (an easy celebrity) Katie 'Jordan' Price.

We then took the group through the basic concept of PAL, and then split them into 4 small groups of 3. We took this oppurtunity to speak to each of our class on more of an individual level and work out how their year had started and what issues they wanted to cover.

Next week we are covering PPRD, and also bringing in some of our work from the first year to show them.

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