After the relative success of our first PAL session I went into todays with a lot of confidence. As discussed last week with our group we went through PPRD and blogs. We gave our group our blog addresses and let each of them go on a Mac and read through our blogs to give them an idea of what they need to do for their PPRD. We then got all of them to set up a blog, so it is to hand if they did decide to take the blog path for their PPRD.

It was great to see that some already had set up a blog after hearing about it last week, and for these individuals we showed them how to customise it so it fitted their personality.

As well as blogs, we also brought in some of our own work from last year so the first years could maybe get to know us better through our design. Next week as a group they've decided they want to cover the theory unit, as they are all a bit confused!

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