After deciding to go down the route of redesigning film posters I have been brainstorming further to get a better idea of what I can do.

I could either take an old design of a film poster and show how it would be interpreted today, or I could flip that on its head and take a new film poster design and show how it would have been interpreted in a different era.

There is lots of areas that I am going to be able to research -
- design movements and how they affected poster design
- how type has changed within posters over the years
- different codes and conventions within each genre
- how illustration styles have progressed and into now mainly photography
- how technological developments have affected the design of poster

I have also got a lot of things to take into consideration for my project -
- style and scale
- media and how they're produced
- what films?
- what is the reason behind this project
I have a tutorial tomorrow which will hopefully be able to push me in the right direction. Before then, research...

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