Today was our hand in for our learning agreement. Below is my synopsis of study for my professional project. I'm not completely set on a final idea though, so this is likely to be altered over time.

[Synopsis of study]
For my professional project I will be producing a series of six posters as part of an event for the British Film Institute. The British Film Institute is holding a celebration of cult classic films from the 20th century, and is holding a re-screening of six films. They have commissioned me as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator to produce a series of limited edition posters for these films, which will be shown in a solo exhibition as part of the event, and will then be sold in the Institutes shop. To accompany the exhibition I will also be producing an exhibition guide that will showcase and explain each individual poster and the reasoning behind each design.
I feel that as time has progressed the poster has taken a backseat role in the promotion of film, as trailers and TV commercials have become the major selling point.
Gone are the days of the iconic poster, consisting of exciting type and quirky illustration; leaving the viewer in awe not only of the film, but also the artwork. Modern film poster design now mainly consists of an iconic scene from the film in the form of an airbrushed photograph, with simple type and a simple layout.

My aim is to solve the commercial problem that has seen the poster no longer being major selling point to the audience, with the outcome being a series of iconic and unique posters.
I will be researching into previous poster design, and how different design movements, cultural issues and technological development have effected and evolved it. To gain a better understanding of today’s audience I will be producing questionnaires, which will act as primary research. I will watch and research into each of the films religiously to gain a clear understanding of each, which will influence my design, and the style and medium in which I produce it.
I will be experimenting with different mediums and design processes to produce the posters, as well as experimenting with different techniques to showcase the works, to make them stand out and be remembered by the audience.
My target audience will be large, as it will range from film fans, to appreciators of art and design across a large age range.

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