So good old theory started today. A project I dreaded last year, but ended up enjoying and getting my best mark! It seems like it's going to be more of the same this year. I'm not really feeling the theory unit, but I'm hoping it has a similar outcome!

Today we had a group hour session, where basically Anna took us through what she wanted of us. As with last year we are to produce a 2500 word essay, complete with bibliography and Havard referencing. After easing us into this new unit we were put on the spot and asked what we were planning to do our essays on.

I'm wanting to link this closely with my Professional Project so have decided to base it on how the film poster has evolved through the years and why this is. I also enjoyed looking into semiotics last year so will include an aspect of this also.

Anna gave me a few pointers to look into before the session next week. On my point of the poster being a dying art especially when coming to film, she told me to look into the use of graphic design as a marketing tool and how technologies have changed it. I was also told to look into how in the 80s when the VCR was first introduced, this was classed as the death of the cinema, and how this had a socio-cultural effect and impact on design. For my essay I would need to take some key iconic posters from different eras and reflect them against each other.

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