Today we had a class tutorial with Sally, and she took us through each of the Learning Outcomes for the Professional project and broke them down for us.

LO1 Demonstrate a professional standard of creativity and practical ability, including:
• Work that is technically comparable to that made within a specified genre.
• Work that shows an awareness of contemporary trends, styles and
subject matter, within commercial contexts.
• Work that shows a high degree of creativity and aesthetic judgement.

For this everything has to be included (eg. print specs.) Everything has also got to be in the right format.

We've also got to understand the trends with the chosen field (eg. colours, styles etc.)

LO2 Demonstrate a professional ability to plan your time and your work, including:
• Project time planning.
• Working successfully with others in the production of creative outcomes.

We need to plan our time management professionally. For example planning and making time for interviews, research. Also need to take into account time for booking workshops, and the delay between booking and the workshop taking place.

LO3 Respond appropriately to the demands of a professional/self initiated brief, including:
• Appropriate creative outcomes to industry/work related briefs.

This learning outcome is for the learning proposal and the final outcome(s). We need to make sure that everything is appropriate.

LO4 Demonstrate readiness for employment, freelance work or further study with confidence
in the level of your creative, practical and professional knowledge and skills.

This takes into account the whole body of work.
- how it has been produced
- it's documentation ( this needs to be really considered as this needs to be both professional and visual for portfolio)

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