Just received my assessment record back for this unit, and it seems all the hard work has paid off! I got a 67, my highest mark on the course yet.

The feedback that I received is as follows -

LO3 - the final website is very you. It is easy to navigate and displays your work very well; the design compliments your work well. The categorisation of the work is good, but I might make the initial slide show less relentless. This does show a very good use of software and a range of design abilities.

LO2 - you've worked through the design part of the project very well. Many of your logo solutions could have worked well, but you made some good choices. Your planning is robust and has clearly aided your decision making and you've described your processes well.

LO1 - you've amassed a lot of relevant information that show you've looked at the subject broadly, through this gaining a good understanding that will serve you well in the future.

Overall, it is all very good feedback. Now to take this onto my Professional Project...

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