Unfortunately I missed the hour long presentation today with Gellan Watt (MD of Thinking Juice), due to the lecture theatre being overcrowded.

However he agreed to give us Vis Commers a more one to one presentation and guidance after his lecture. From this I gained this useful guidance -

- Have around 6-10 pieces in your portfolio (8 is a nice number)
- Only put in work that you are proud of (don't try and fill in spaces with lesser work)
- Know your work, so if you are asked questions, you know what you are talking about
- Do not overcrowd pages
- Try and have a running theme of how you present it through the portfolio
- Do not overcomplicate pages - let your work do the talking
- Include pieces (such as greeting cards) within your portfolio as they look better 3d rather than flat
- Have a pdf format of your portfolio to send out to companies
- But only have a teaser of your work in case they want to see your portfolio - they don't want to see everything they've seen before.

Now need to get my portfolio together for the PPRD hand in!

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