As time has progressed the poster has taken a backseat role in the promotion of film, as trailers and TV commercials have become the major selling point.

Gone are the days of the iconic poster, consisting of exciting type and quirky illustration; leaving the viewer in awe not only of the film, but also the artwork. Modern film poster design now mainly consists of an iconic scene from the film, in the form of an airbrushed photograph, with simple type and a simple layout.

You have been commissioned as a designer and illustrator to produce a series of 6-8 posters for a solo exhibition. Your task is to produce your own posters based on film from the past and present. The posters must link is some way whether it is genre, director or actor.

You are required to research into previous film poster design, and how different design movements and cultural issues have evolved it. You are also required to try and solve the commercial problem, which has seen the poster no longer being the major selling point to the audience. You mission is to make the film poster iconic again!

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